Monday, October 26, 2015

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In The Eyes of Man By Edmond Alfradi Released

Release piece by Ihsaan Alfaro-Allah 

Book Cover Of "In The Eyes Of Man." By Edmond Alfradi

The book "In The Eyes of Man" by Emond Alfradi has recently been released and is flying off of the shelves as one of the most contemplative collections of work since the post modernist era. The book is being called the newest testament by the New York times and has many contemplations in it. The book itself is a collection of short parables poems and philosophical contemplations extracting the beliefs and philosophies from Rene Descartes “Cartesian Dualism” Nialihsm, Christianity and Islam. Alfradi takes these philosophies and talks artistically about how they all come together.
The Contemplation

The book is now a renown love hate between readers everywhere. Some say that it is a violation of all that is sacrosanct and directly violates the ideals of all that is pure within religions. Others call it an extensive contemplation of who or what god is, The book never tries to redefine god however. It merely uses what we are given from who we and what we know of god, in a new sense. This in turn might scare some “It is a satanic ritual of a book and no one this godless should be allowed access to the world this way”- Donald Trump. Is only one of the very angry and almost fearful quotes that we have found after the great release of the book. However in a recent interview actor and narrator Morgan Freeman said “This is scary to those who do not understand god to the upmost spirituality because it means that you can dismantle god in the political sense and the power of capitalism can be killed with unity. It is beauty in its purest form really.” All over the nation one can observe people going back and forth in debates as “a nation under god” would when their god is challenged. Those of us who are not so personally connected to god in one way might be more open to it. Pope francis writes “There is no hatred to any religion in this book. This book shows how you can find gods love in everything, that makes this god truly amazing.” It is now available in every Barnes and nobles, and hopefully local bookstores near you!

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