Monday, October 26, 2015

The New York Times

I Opine: A statement on the banning of "In The Eyes Of Man" By Edmond Alfradi

Editorial by Instantue Moriger

The recent release of Edmond Alfradi's latest contemplative novela or "testament" as some are calling it has shaken about the cages that have been set and cemented. It has resulted in the piece of literature making the banned book list and being called a devastation to the countries moral compass. Mark Cahil's article he had written for the Washington Post express how this is a well deserved fate for Alfradi, considering his own credentials in writing on God, and how it was never done in a disrespectful manner whatsoever. However Mark Cahil's books have never received the level of recognition that Alfradi is receiving for his newest work of art. What I will contribute, in my opinion the latest banning of the book to is fear. Pope Francis' quote from the press release initially done on "In They Eyes of Man" he says "In The Eyes of Man, is truly a beautiful book, because it releases the ideals and unity, and shows through the contemplation of one man how there is God in each and everyone of us." Pope Francis. This quote has been ignored by many major right winged theorists and politicians. Since they have used God for so long as a means to a political advantage any contemplation that could eradicate hate by using some of the most joyful and free roaming things such as short stories, to substitute as parables and to add poems as well. Alfradi never chooses to say this is how we all should think. In fact he prefaces the book in the prologue with "I have written these short stories and poems after immense research and study on the christian and even my own islamic religion(s), while trying to better understand God. I saw the connections between those two religions for the people of the book, and the words of men such as RenĂ© Decartes, and Nietzsche as well as other followers of Nihilism, and even now this book acts as my own contemplation, the publishing of it is slightly selfish in the sense that it is a plea of recognition to understand my discovery. In no way do I hold any teachings deemed sacrosanct above others. I am merely a man with questions." (Alfradi In The Eyes Of Man pg 5. ) Yet Cahill continues to call Alfradi arrogant in his new found epiphany and enlightenment which he chose to share with the world as further inquiries to his own life, but like many things written and published by Cahill and the Washington Post, little to know research was done in order to back up the claims which had been so certain, and remarked so harshly on Alfradi. This reaction is because Alfradi posses a threat to those who do not wish for the regular man to contemplate God on his own. That the idea of God being within the heavens and oneself, that they could be up to ones interpretation would take away their powers as nation under God, revoking their rights as the pastors of this land. This is how I opine as a reader. Something that has so much truth in it, made up of creativity from a single man could change the world. In fact Alfradi has been called the literary Kim Kardashian because "In The Eyes of Man" has broken the internet. 

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